• meta-carto-semiotics

    [1] meta-carto-semiotics is, firstly, an online journal for theoretical cartography.

    Provided that cartography is about (i.a. visual) representations of spatial reality to humans, cartographic theory discusses this triadic relationship between representation (e.g. map), user and reality.

    [2] meta-carto-semiotics is, secondly, a journal for cartosemiotics.

    Provided that each cartographic representation is a system of (mono-sensory, e.g. visual and/or multi-sensory, e.g. audio-visual) signs, and provided that semiotics is concerned with all kinds of sign systems, cartosemiotics can provide a comprehensive theoretical framework to cartography.

    [3] meta-carto-semiotics is, thirdly, an interdisciplinary journal.

    Provided that (carto-) semiotics provides a solid framework for other scientific fields these disciplines can make substantial contributions in regard of the function and optimization of representations of spatial reality.

    [4] meta-carto-semiotics is published annually as a multilingual journal.

    Currently, the journal's two languages are German and English.

    Additionally to single contributions, meta-carto-semiotics also publishes thematic issues as well as text reviews and conference reports in accordant rubrics.

    [5] meta-carto-semiotics is an open access journal.

    This means, on the one hand, that all articles are available for free.